Good Design Saves Time

The chart below demonstrates our design process which we apply to all of our projects.

Strategic scheduling is the most effective way to ensure projects are delivered as planned. By setting goals and identifying priorities, our team is able to develop the appropriate scheduling strategy for your project, complete with milestones that will dictate the critical path. The effort and duration of all the tasks in each phases of our design process are then carefully mapped out, estimated and scheduled.

Since a project schedule is a living tool that is active throughout the entire project life-cycle and is therefore susceptible to modification as the project progresses, a baseline schedule in place from the outset is critical. Changes – when communicated in a timely manner – can then be accommodated with minimal disruption. Our process allows us to is to remain flexible but informed.

See It Before You Build It

Since 2011, Grant Design Group has been using Autodesk Revit, a 3D building information modelling (BIM) software, for all our projects. It has not only revolutionized the design process but also enabled clients to better visualize the design earlier on and make better informed decisions. In a fully a three-dimensional approach, creativity is maximized by fully integrating layout, finishes, lighting, millwork and signage early in the planning stage. Our clients now have the ability to virtually experience and walk through a project prior to any construction taking place. The impact of design changes can be seen ‘live’ through the use of Lumion & Enscape software which are add-ons to Autodesk Revit. Visit an example of a 3D walkthrough here.

Although modelling in interior design is most typically used for 3D visualization, we, at Grant Design Group, have fully embraced its use in all stages of the design process – from programming, planning, and costing, to furniture procurement and move management. BIM has also reinvented the design development and contract documentation phases of a construction project. Coordination between disciplines (design, architecture, engineering) and the builder is more streamlined. By sharing a 3D model, consultants can resolve design conflicts earlier in the process. Contract drawings become clearer with the inclusion of perspectives and axonometric details. Construction budgeting becomes easier when the power of BIM is used to create accurate take offs.

On Time & On Budget

Grant Design Group is a full service design firm. This means that many of our projects include project management services. This includes activities such as tendering, site reviews, contract administration, meetings during construction, client recommendations during construction, coordination of contractor and consultants such as engineers. Grant Design Group has often acted as prime consultant, supervising various sub-consultants. We also have a network of architects and engineers across the country that we work with for out of province projects.

Our sucess in executing a well-managed project is derived from the three elements below:

  • Quality Control – Our efforts to keep projects on time and on budget are deeply rooted in the quality of our work and attention to detail. We employ a quality assurance control process at is unique, formal and detailed. The specific structure is based on our foundational policy whereby no drawing or design document is permitted to be released without a formal quality control check by a different person than the prime creator.
  • Budget Focused – Designing within the confines of a construction budget is a critical element to the success of any project, large or small. The client sets this budget and we take a systematic approach to controlling the costs of design from the earliest stages of a project – like concept development and schematic design – with the predefined client program informing all design decisions. Our team refers to this program and budget daily, consults it, follows it, and makes adjustments as required to maintain both the budget and the integrity of the design vision. Our collaborative, client-focused approach to design as well the following tried-and-tested methodology, sets the project on a path to success.
  • Solution Oriented – On those occasions where a construction or design problem does occur, we will work together with the contractor and consultants to obtain the best solution. Time is of the essence for corrective actions but they must also be done with due diligence. Rushing a solution often results in increased client costs. We are expedient but prudent.