Canadian National Railway Training Campus

CN Campus Reception Desk

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Size: 81,500 sq. ft.

Completion: 2014

Photo Credit: Gary Kopelow Photographics

Canadian National Railway had a vision for the creation of a centralized training centre for its employees. Given Winnipeg’s location within the heart of country and as a historical train hub, it was the most logical location for the Training Centre. Despite the size of the project, Grant Design Group had a long-established relationship with CN and was therefore selected as the Prime Consultant for the project. Working alongside a team of Architects and Engineers, Grant Design led the entire design process from site selection through to project completion.

Grant Design Group, having fully converted to Revit technology, was able to utilize BIM throughout the project. With the Architects and Engineering consultants located in Edmonton and Grant Design Group’s lead interior designer working out of Quebec City, the transfer of spatial programming requirements through to building technologies was handled seamlessly with BIM. 

A powerful tool for the client was the ability to do virtual tours of the building throughout the design phase in order to ensure that their complex requirements were all being met. This also helped minimize errors and omissions moving into the construction document phase of the project.