Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Size: 11,000 sq. ft.

Completion: 2017

Photo Credit: Douglas Little Photography

This 11,180 square foot tenant project for Priceline had clear goals: to represent their company brand, allow for staff collaboration with a variety of working zones, and to be a high end, technically savvy space for both clientele and employees. 

Three design concepts and floor plans were presented and the selected plan and concept are now a reality. Their goals were achieved throughout the floor plan which is broken up into quiet versus active zones of use, from open meeting collaboration areas to more semi-private glass meeting rooms, to pockets of space that promote employee work options.

Rich tones, textures and colors were used throughout the space both warmed and complimented by walnut wood features such as bulkheads, columns, millwork and furniture pieces. The palette was a subtle nod to the company logo.

The overall success of the space has been rewarding. The design benefits have resulted in a fully staffed business that is a thriving hub of activity. On any given day, a walk through the space indicates that all of the zones designed are well used and busy without feeling chaotic, noisy and confusing. The end result is a happy client!